Essay on Creating Partnership between Parents and Teachers via Web Sites

 “Parents-Teachers” Cooperation

Children, teachers, and parents serve as the three key components on which the college life is kept and will always be kept. Children are hurrying to school to gain solid knowledge, learn about the achievements of science, technology, art, master the laws of morality and life in society, learn to respect people, value life and health. Teachers use different methods and forms of work, introduce innovative learning technologies for the students to acquire the necessary knowledge and educational skills. Additionally, parents always turn to college teachers for advice and support for the upbringing of children. If any writing advice is needed you can check this professional service

Nowadays, teachers help families not only when parents experience difficulties and need qualified advice concerning the studying progress of their children. Parents should be able to ask the teacher any question and express any opinion, and the teacher is ready to be criticized.

Teachers maintain good relationships with pupils and their parents through constant communication, both during personal meetings and through communication through specialized websites that are recognized as one of the most effective means of collaboration between parents and teachers. With such websites, gadgets, mobile apps, and social networks, parents can be up to data concerning the college life of their children.

Types of Parents Consultations

Consulting parents can be of two types:

  • methodical (everything related to the development of the educational program, the individual educational path of the student);
  • psychological (everything related to the individual characteristics of the child and their socialization).

However, regardless of type, there exist certain principles of educational consultations that include building trust relationships, mutual respect, the interest of consultants, competence, the formation of parents in the installation of an independent problem solving and the professional consultation organization.

Obvious Benefits of Parent Portals

Not so long ago I’ve discovered a wonderful site titled as This site looks like a database, where both parents and teachers can create and find the web portal of the school where their child studies. Nowadays, contains the secure close accounts of such schools as Appleton Area School District Parent Portal, Parent Portal of Dallas Independent School District, Jefferson Country Public Schools Parent Portal and many others.

Such portals have obvious advantages for parents and teachers as well.

  • Parents are aware of their child’s school attendance
  • View the child’s school schedule
  • The possibility to get acquainted with the child’s grades on all subjects on a daily basis
  • Look through the child’s report card
  • Communicate with teachers via e-mails

I was surprised mostly by the following portals’ opportunities.

  • The possibility to control the child’s test results
  • View weekly reports on your child’s health status based on the school nurse’s investigations
  • The opportunity to lead private e-mail conversations with teachers with the timing organized in advance
  • Placing materials and links to web resources for sharing experiences between teachers and parents

All above-mentioned sounds like the ideal educational tool with no disadvantages at all. All you need is to register and become a real effective partner in your child’s educational process.

For a teacher, a parent portal is the ability to use multimedia tools in the educational process, create materials for students to work independently, work with electronic notebooks, share important information with parents and students, conduct online testing with subsequent rapid processing of results, organize teamwork of pupils, generalize and organize their own experience, participate in the Internet projects, etc. So, you see, creating of such a portal will simplify the partnership of the “teacher-student-parents” scheme.

So, the parent portal is not just a “fashionable fun”, but a modern and useful working tool in the process of interaction of all participants in the educational process. Working with the parent portal is very interesting, cognitive and effective. Mastering services and creating the parent portal can be conducted by any teacher who is not indifferent to the problems of education, who wants to communicate and build the educational process in a new way.